Underwater Photo shoot

What you have to prepare for underwater photo shoot?

  1. Camera that can go underwater and in this session I use Go Pro camera and they good for underwater shoot

  2. Water need to be clean so you don't get the dusty like my first shot and also the way I shoot was on the sun so even see more clear dust flying everywhere, so better shoot in the shade

  3. Bigger and deeper pool than mine, you can see from the shots with long legs model is impossible to see the whole body from vertical pose

4. Good imagination editing, once get into edit I use Lightroom and photoshop plus Nik Collection and Portraiture, layer and layers are in until I like it so.

I will do it again on the next sessions coming with different model pool and set up and hope to see you on my youtube channel for behind the scenes https://www.youtube.com/c/BoudoirbyYA

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