I am a female Boudoir and Nude art photographer from

a town in the north of Thailand called Chiang Mai.

   I shoot every kind and all ages of ladies who are confident with themselves and love to be sexy, beautiful, and sensual.

   Whether a birthday gift for yourself, a surprise to your lover, or to make yourself feel stronger and more confident.

   That's my job and I take pride if I can help you achieve this.

   Don't worry about your face or your body if you are not confident with it.

   I can pose and create all photos of you, it's like you will have become a professional model.

   Let's get some photos of yourself (photos taken by me), enjoy being a model, and have a very fun and wonderful time! Thank you YA!



Tel: +66 8356 81770/ +97338196451   |  contact@boudoirbyya.com

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