Turn hot bitch into Sweetness

She definitely not bitch but that was my theme of my photo session ;)

Blue have very confident sexy in sweet in her personality at the same time which is very special, Can you imaging the girl that seems to be shy but she do nude erotic boudoir and lingerie modeling most of the times with that cute character that seems to be very shy and quiet.

We normally shoot nude and erotic but in this session let turn sweet shy hot girl into real sweetness with clothes on ( lingeries of course!) background decorate with flowers colors, green yard and hammock.

I actually also really love this kind of session that not exactly Boudoir in bedroom but there is outdoor studio and the feeling in any shots give you lifestyle mode more than really attention for you to wanting her sexy soul but respect and expect of her sweet and kind of girl friend.

A lot of my clients who are professional business women also come for this kind of session to have some sexy beautiful for her own profile and or frame for her living room without any embarrassment.

I hope you guys love this session and my sweet model.

Have a good one


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