The Emotional of Tone and Color

Tone and color depth, Texture brings life and vibrance to images!

Check out my Vintage Nude book from my recent shoot with NeNa:

Your Nude image will become more charming attractive dramatic and or artistic by tone color and texture that you create into the theme.

You can find easily the emotions in the images that created perfectly by tone color and texture.

To get success in this kind of photo session theme you should fine the model with perfect skin tone and we all know tan skin is the best or otherwise make up artist can create the texture on the model for you

So you need to have a good team to work with

How you can success in your photo session?

  1. Find a good model that suitable with your theme

  2. Collaborate with good make up artist or stylish that can help you with the theme you want

  3. Good location or the studio that have texture and tone that you want

  4. Lighting is need as I said in most of my blog post

  5. Poses and expression in the model, they need to understand your theme perfectly before the shoot

Thank you and have a nice weekend to you.


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