Shooting Model Riding Horse Outdoor

Shooting Model Riding Horse Outdoor

  1. Model and Horse should have connection to feel safe and comfortable between them

  2. Location should have an energy like mountain over sky or green grass over sky background

  3. Always shoot from same level of horse or below to get the power of horse and the rider in the image

  4. Lighting could be on early morning or golden hour so we can get good open eyes of the model and horse ( on my session experience the sun was a bit strong even on the morning then the model can really open her eye to look up including horse)

  5. Composition of the image could be middle subject or the rule of thirds

  6. Camera should set on movement speed

  7. I post process on lightroom and photoshop as I talk on youtube

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I shot with my Nikon Z7 24-70mm F4 Lens set at F5.6-8 Speed shutter 100-300 ISO100

Thank you and have a good one


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