Shooting Indian model in Traditional dress at Grand Mosque Bahrain

Hi everyone! I hope all great with you!

Today I will talk about my recent shoot with indian model wearing trading dress at the grand mosque Bahrain

Early morning is the best time, nice sunlight no people around

Laskmi is a indian young model living in Bahrain, I found her on instagram and since i have shoot her a few times before

this time after i call her, we have meet at the mosques and perfectly right time of the light of bahrain morning

I face her against the light so her face have gold warm morning light color and i start shooting her in front of the mosque with beautiful architecture background

I am using Nikon z7 with 24-70mm f4 lens, shutter speed 125 f5.6 iso 64

I love posing model even they already very good with posing but in my style i want to catch what i want to be

i don’t really need a lot of shots i only want one right pose right light and composition and that is more worth than just take too many shots but you never use them and even annoyed to look on your computer and choose what is good and perfect one, so just shoot a few and get and perfect then move on.

her dress perfectly color match with the background, i am so glad

I move her up to stairs with the collums lines with lights and shadows which is beautiful

then I also move her to shoot with the old traditional wooden door of the mosque

Indian woman there have beautiful face and especially eyes, so i focus on her eyes for close up

and portrait landscape with architecutural

Here is behind the scenes and the results on my youtube channel below!

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