Mature is Sexier

She was about my age, so we of course get on so well during the session super confident between us and our own skin ( she was even more confident than me in front of camera) so that's means I have got the right client to work with.

Mature is sexier? not need to explain it all I think you guys understand what I mean, so let talk about business woman behind the closed Boudoir door!

Successful business woman they confident in everything that's why she success in her own way, You can see Silver Silk ( the model in this session) in any shots are looking natural from her eyes and very easy session for me and the most fast session I have been shooting since.....

I have got a good shots right aways.

Asian body is the most attractive body also look so young to me, when I travel to the other countries and shoot woman from many places I always feel missing Asian body the most actually, I just mean its easy to shoot for me because I am small too so.....

I hope you guys like this session and see you tomorrow!


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