How to Add Dramatic in Photography!

Meaningful image make your works more standout from other and today I will talk about

How to add Dramatic in your photography?..

  1. Theme is number to think about what's your imagination for the session and try to make its happen as much as you can by working with team model location shooting and post processing

2. Good location is important as well, to make tell sotry in your images

3. Outfit, Of course you might need the stylish team to work with and understand what you want or even sometime photographer let the stylish create and follow there own creations too

4. Model, the look body type inner experience skin tones charector..... everything if model should match with your theme

5. Poses, Dramatic pose...... photographer and the stylish or artist will understand clearly first then communicate with the model and let them understand perfectly what you really want even if's you have some sample of the poses just show them and tell them during the shoot too what you want the model to feel

6. Lighting, nature light sun and shadow or artificial light to create light and shadow must!

7. Background texture can bring more story and meaning into your images

8. Post processing in the way of your imagination

Creating a wonderful Drama in an art forms!

Good luck to you.


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