How Red Goes Well Outdoor ?

Red dress on model for outdoor photo session always stunning mystic attractive, that can bring interesting color contrast into your images.

Red goes very well with any color in the background especially outdoor in the nature either in the middle of the mountain like this session or either in the greenery forest and water like sea or waterfall.

I like to pose model once we go to the nature then I don't want to shoot closeup or only model that much but in fact I love to have and show the beautiful background scenery as the main thing but actually model themselves already the main subject that standout on the images more than background and to have the model or human with landscape image will turn the image to live.

This session was in Monterrey Mexico

I use my Sony A7II 24-70mm F2.5

ISO 100-400 depend of sun and shadow

Speed shutter was 50-200 depend also

I hope you guys like this session

Have a good one


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