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Glamour of fashion theme is a kind of photography can take into proper business in fashion way but still keep sexiness version in an stylish and elegant way but depend on way you want the image to be or the business own want you to create for there product also.

In this image I shot Guy the model who's living in my home town Chiang Mai Thailand, she's wearing kind of corset fashion outfit used necktie around her neck to have some stylish in that way.

I set up by use brown backdrop color with two one light set up from front side of her to shine her face but keep the shadow to create layers and tones on her body I set up my camera at F5.6 shutter speed 80 Iso100 with godox ad400 my camera was Nikon Z7 24-70mm. F4 lens.

Check out live stream during the shoot on my YouTube channel:

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