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Eroticism Of Asia Ebook with 157 pages interior with all Black & White sexy erotica photography by Ya

Eroticism content from her perspective of Asian culture and ways she grew up from conservative parent but become erotic female photographer

The reason for this book is because I want to share through images and words what my photographic work means. I want my photography to be a window into understanding, not just eroticism, but how eroticism works to improve relationships between people. What does it mean to have a truly erotic relationship? Certainly, it is not just about sex; although sex can certainly be a part of it, but it goes to something deeper. An erotic relationship compels us to go through the process of revealing who we are to another person. This involves risk … courage … strength … and love.

Eroticism is such a fascinating subject, it is a secret part of our lives rarely spoken about openly yet central to who we are as living, feeling humans.

I began my photography career taking conventional pictures for marketing campaigns, architecture, family portraits, and weddings, but by accident, a friend gave me the idea of shooting images of women in lingerie. This idea struck me like a lightning bolt, I had little idea that it would open the door to a field that has captured my imagination for the past seven years. Taking photos of women in lingerie soon gave way to taking photos of nudes. As I travel further into this field, I feel as though I am pursuing my own eroticism, trying to understand what it is, why myself and many others are captivated by it, and what it means within relationships.

I grew up in a traditional Thai family in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I had no reason not to accept the conservative Thai beliefs around sexuality. Sexuality was never openly discussed. Jokes were made about it, but it was never directly spoken about it, as if, like sexuality itself, the conversation was kept behind closed doors. In Thai culture, women are supposed to be quiet, reserved, graceful, and strong.

Author: Jantira Namwong

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