Commercial & Fashion

Let's talk about portrait commercial and fashion photography today!

A few time I work with fashion company inside and outside Thailand, to me this is the most valuable path for photography.

To have chance work with business as a photographer means a lot! ( your creative talent and yourself confident all together)

Why?..... because the photos you create it's to make that product make sell for that company, it's need to be meaningful communicate with the audience and be able to reach the goal set, it's all about market and business.

Artist.... as we know how to turn something inside there head into business is not easy that's why you need a good team timing and experience plus your own talent.

Artist with ego...... we know right? that way does not work for business, you need to work with compromise open mind be able to handle stressful time that the work need to be done ( great shots from your client's expectation).

Commercial photography, they will not require or give you anytime for sit with computer and edit, so everything need to be done on the session, I mean delivery all files right aways after session done.

So what now?.... of course forget about photoshop or lightroom but you need to learn and expert about light and creative ideas that suitable for the products in the best quality way.

Outdoor shoot was tough because of the background, and lighting that you can't really control but what you could do in general is one session in studio for product itself and one session outdoor in lifestyle way, so model have to post like daily life and what is that product very useful for everyday life.