Asian Woman by Asia Exotic

Natural beauty is perfectly words for Asian woman

I set up Asia Exotic Photography themes for my own projects also organize photography group shoots for participants and tourist who visit Chiang Mai, Thailand

My set up mostly at old wooden Thai house at the rice field farm, sometime with elephant and on the valley village hill tribe to feel real environment in the images and memorable time of the sessions

with beautiful new generation young sexy confident modern so I contrast there character back to conservative traditional woman 100 years ago even more

I dress them up in traditional Lanna style sometime with topless which most woman in the that period was living without any shirt like now but with tiny fabric wrap around her breast or just topless for local village woman

I will open participants come over to join my sessions start from January 2022

Hope you come visit and to dress up yourself take photograph like traditional woman man or if you are photographer then come join and shoot with me.

Have a good one


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