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Tonight I would like to Thank you all supports you guys have been interesting and reading all my books especially when I have got feed back or reviews said you guys love my photography but event more with my content and my perspective to female energy, woman empowerment and what is like for being Asian woman...

My first phonebook with content like beginner ( not much details but they is something about photography inside call Asia Exotic, interior most photos are from my Asia Exotic organized and my own setup sessions, Lanna traditional style through back to 100 years ago life living with exotic photography, of course in my own way of setup the outfit or without outfit, many models inside. Check out on the link:

Second photo book with content was "Vintage" I was setup the shoot in Bangkok studio with model Nina, basically this book is all about one girl living alone in house wearing Naked hahaha.... its funny! with my last blog that was related to this book,

Check out on the link:

Third Book was" Wondering" much expensive than any other just because all in color and more pages and different models, some models I haven't publish in any place yet and might will never, that was talking about female empowerment.

Check out on the link:

Fourth was just publish two days ago, it was really hard for this one I took about a months to think about content start writing little by little which is I was really bad in read and write as the way we grown up around here , village girl and I don't have any sample around me who love reading and writing, but in the back of my head or my dreams.

I always dreams to become a writer one day since I was a kid and with this book I felt like my life just starting!

What is inside me is the best easy to start out...... Photography + Eroticism = Eroticism of Asia!.... There you go!

I was writing about What is like I grown up in the village with conservative culture and became an erotic photographer, Eroticism is important and we all have to have good relationship with ourself and with other, Love and how it connect to my photography. check out on the link:

Between Asia Exotic nude and Wondering book I publish this book call Traditional Asin Exotic, that was all about traditional culture of different countries in Asia I have been visit and photograph, all woman here are so beautiful innocent in the way there are, wearing traditional dress style, beautiful book and non erotic here hehe...

Check out on the link:

I so excited with my next book already it's going to become more and more content I am looking for perfect model to be in the next book too.

* I will update some nude photos on nude page for membership and will do membership nude blog tomorrow na ka*

Anyway, Thank you again for all supports I love all of you and so appreciate, everything here meant a lot to me.

Have a good one


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