Woman in Red

The red dress effect is a phenomenon in which a woman wearing redclothing, such as a red dress, is perceived to be more sexually appealing than she is when wearing other colours. In primates, a visual indicator of female fertility occurs by way of swelling during the follicular phase and is correlated with increased estrogen levels. It has been asserted that this effect acts subconsciously because participants rarely report that they used color in their attractiveness judgments. However, only one study has tested whether conscious awareness matters, with its findings casting doubt on this earlier speculation.

Come to photography Boudoir Glamour or either fashion Red always bring sexiness into the images and attract to the audience man and woman obviously

Studio shoot with light setup , red see through beautiful woman together with some lovely and naughty poses are perfect as you see here.

Check out the poster and framed poster on wall with "Her Back" print on high quality paper, cavas, frame for decorated



I hope you guys enjoy photo set today and have a good one


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