Who's Butt?

Most of my photographer friends know I am into butt once come to my photo shoot, I don't know why probably because I don't have much butt like other girls ;)

Woman butt to me is all about art with the cute curves and the lines like a soft mountain twin that will never been apart....

Some girls lucky to have it from there mom or DNA but some without then I will suggest them to build it up in the gym, It just easy to have the body you want ifs you consistent and take it serious

Ivy was a beautiful young model by this session, I was very excited to shoot newbie Boudoir model as always, because I can create anything I want at the first session of newbie model and always make a beautiful album

Some of this shots including some secret shots will public in my book that coming soon and I will let you know, as these days I am super busy with Sexy BBY strap lingeries products and I will up load to sell on the shop page soon also.

Have a good one to all of you


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