What I Feel To Photography Nude?

I am writing my Boudoir & Nude Book these day and soon will publish on Amazon and you can check some of my Nude photograph I already publish also from the link:

Vintage nude photography by ya: https://amzn.to/3oK1JuB

Asia Exotic Ladies Photobook: https://amzn.to/3nA7tbd

This subject bring me to my blog post today! Since I photograph nude I feel trapped in ;)

I bet you know what I mean if's you are a photographer no! it's not about sexuality of course! but the nude photography or even painting are all about Artistic or Artwork.

Poses Lighting Tones and Color including the model's expression, the photos in here not really nude you might disappointed but if's you are exclusive membership of Boudoir By Ya site then you can check out on Nude page and you will find how my nude shoot will be like.

Aomkeaw was amazing model, her skin tone her professional in career of modeling, lighting and themes should be good

I was appointment her to come over to my apartment in Bangkok at the morning time when the sun shine through window curtain in create beautiful artistic on the image.

After shoot her will come beautiful lingeries and window light then I start shooting nude and some ropes that I have been shooting for awhile, it was fun though but just for experience for both of us model and photographer which I will blog with that session soon in an exclusive membership, So don't be shy to subscribe and enjoy my works!

Have a good one


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