Small Room

When you have very tiny space for the shoot you have to forget about full body shots, closeup or half body is work, find the natural light is better than artificial light, artificial light will be too strong when the flash fire on the model.

Have her sit or pose next to window (most of the time I have done this because cannot use artificial light) the shot will look very soft and smooth.

Try to clean the background get rid of the photo or frame or painting or anything on wall behind the model ( keep it clean)

you can shoot from the side to see her face more light and see her beautiful face but you also shoot against the window light to get some silhouette with her body curves.

Boudoir or Glamour session is not always necessary only lingeries but you can use shirt and jeans also look cool on the model.

I hope you guys like this session and see you tomorrow

Have a good one


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