Small girl are perfect for photograph in any poses and themes

Why slim or small body is popular being model? as my tittle said those body types are perfect in any poses and with anything without too much afford for photographer.

180 degrees are perfect right? she could stand straight , side, back , shoot from top or below her basically she will don't feel like her images look ugly in some angles, most of the times women who complain about some pose or some images are not good just because she feel fat or over weight even she was not fat at all but still.

But extra small slim and fit at the same times is just right and easy to work with, anyway we are artist and photographer we always create magic to our client anyway no matter what,

You can see with this session I shot Ket in a few spots around the room and every spots are change feeling of the images notice it? you can use one room change different angle or spots around the room then you will get a few different prospective.

I hope you guys like it

Have a good one


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