Simply Sexy

Once come to sexiness, a lot of woman have made a little mistaken by try too hard to way far more than sexy..

What I mean is for photography poses, I realized that when the model pose too far too sexy then it's no more sexy it's become weird instead of sexiness softness which is push away all attractions that we need.

In this images the model was just standing her outfit already said how sexy she is, so I just have her to stand side to me to show her curves face me so can have her eyes and cover her breast then mystery was there to give even more attractive simply sexy.

I was shot in the room next the window light I was using one led light to shine her from camera view I over explore the background to clean out the curtain texture to have her as attraction center of my image.

Shot by Nikon Z7 24-70mm. F4 set up at F5.6 ISO400 shutter speed 50/100


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