Sexy BBY

Body Strap Punk Rock style for cool girl!

To me there is not only for you have to wear in bed or in night club or special dance but imagine to adjust with some normal cool looking clothes you have at home, it's also bring awesome into your style too.

I finally choose to design and create a few strap to distribute and test the market for everyone ( spice up your love one ) also for photo session have the model wear it!

I have design for Sexy BBY brand for this straps, a lot of design and style are coming too, I am very excited to do create this products to fill in exciting to everyone life.... hahaha... my english was not so great to try to describe but I think you understand what I mean hahaha....

All designs will fit in all size by adjust the belts, Harness strap made by PU leather very soft and friendly to her skin.

I will post on the shop with the price if you guys love to get one or some for your girls then check it out and can pre order from now right away in Boudoir by Ya shop page

Thank you

Sexy BBY

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