Pose model in the Bathtub!

Beautiful session to me is if's I could find a classy looking bathtub fill in water mixes with milk and ask model to jump in there! :)

I shoot Ivy with my Canon 5D Mark III 24-70mm. F2.8 Lens all natural window light set camera at F5.6 Shutter speed 40 ISO 400-1600 depend on spots.

Yes! I did fill in water mixed with milk the model will always feel good in lay in the water with milk believe me they like it!

I shot her from the top view side view and asked her to stand up open the shower and pose her back to me turn face to the side so I can see her curve and angles from head to tone lines from the window light.

Bathtub is one of a fun idea session we all should do either photographer and the model!

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