Nude images with Censored no need for social media

Social media is apart of our life now especial what to do with nude model or erotic photographer like me and you?

we don't really like to have a tap or banner or any blur area on our images to cover some part of the model either its just make photos look terrible and lost value.

What we can do is have her cover her part that the social media doesn't like like nipples or down part, I know when we shoot more and more advance we see the art of showing full option too but to against community on social media its nothing we can control.

All of my social media have blocked and reported so so so many times from 3 days 7 days 15 days 1 month and 189 days now either because of the rules itself and someone reports too, I was upsetting till now I don't feel upset anymore so whatever if's I going to post something on my social media then Just have to model pose in a safe way with my nude shots like this session.

Oh now I end up with so many account everywhere from the first year panic of blocked, so that experience I want you to know don't do it be safe and you can only have one account for each social media is better and less headaches.

This session I shot Preaw in apartment with window light, very easy posing easy light and safe naked images also,

I use my canon 5D mark III 24-70 F2.8 shutter speed 60/100 Iso 400 for indoor shoot

I hope you guys like this sessions and have good day everyone

for more Nude images I will post in Nude gallery page for membership check it out.

Thank you and have a good one


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