Naughty by Nature

Most of us are feeling embarrassed once we start talking about skin body part or sex either physical or and imaging but I believe all us are naughty by nature since we were born, do we?....... do you?

a few sessions of my Boudoir or erotic nude photography I start the model from naked shots to get comfortable in an upside down way of thinking but its actually work very well ( only with model that have some experience being naked before ), we have more fun and being naughty during the shoots.

Being naughty in my term means give some naughty words make us laugh together either gossip about boy's stuff or either other girl's stuff in sensuality way ....? ;)

when model and photographer laugh together of course we always got the best results from that session.

In this session I have shot Jirapa, as she was kinda naughty shy girl, sounds strange right? but some people are.... Naughty shy ;) What about you?

I shot with my Canon Z7 35-105mm. F4 with all natural light

PP by Photoshop only

Light from window light in the room and at the balcony made everything perfect and beautiful.

I hope you guys like this session

Have a good one


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