Midday outdoor shooting

Hash and contrast between light and shadow was always problem for photography unless high speed flash light these days have made our life much easier for example Godox AD600.

Anyway in this session I challenge myself with no artificial light support, also very rare to bring it with you while traveling, time was at noon like 3.30 pm. ewww...... hahahaha.... not a good time I know but problem was model available only that time so we gonna do what we have to.

Even harder than you think was she worn white dress hahaha..., only way I can do was make it under to get most details of the dress first then her skin color also light then post processing with the background later but if's you get detail of anything that light color first by shoot under then other color around are easier.

we moved to other place after train station, there was rocks texture near, texture was wonderful and so many details in it but problem was the light and shadows from the trees through to the model and on the rocks and made more texture with unnecessary..... now what?

Try to keep more of the details of the bright spots as much as you can not get anything burnt out and at the same time we need to have good perfect bright on model's face also,

I asked her move around little by little till get the best spot on her face to have as much as light shine on her face or have less shadow as much as we could do.

Sun direct from above can give the shadow on model face from eyelashes her nose her hair you can see above or below shots.

This shot was only in the shadow but please you have to always check every shots you have shoot afterward right away otherwise you might missed set up either next shots will gone dark or burnt out all, so outdoor session always check need.

I hope you like this session

Have a good one


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