Liquify or Natural is better?

The first few years of my Boudoir Photography I work a lot with Photoshop for make model ( actually for my clients) have better body shape from head to toes and of course woman's love it to see themselves how pretty and sexy they are.

They fall in love with themselves right away after I delivered the photos, it was great success.

Somehow someone (photographer friend) I can remember who, said natural is better! I wasn't believe that by that time.

Few years later after I am into more create an arts than business and work more with models and themes then I realized liquify is a kind of fake stuff and doesn't look real even I make it's like real but I know its exactly how the person infront of the lens was and also instead of pushing her eat well take good care of herself and her body more and go to the gym instead

Some of models just asked me to liquify on her body, I absolutely it's not really right thing by reality but

In and art way for my personal opinion, since that time till now I love more natural body looking and real her, it's really attractive more than any fake stuff either in real life or either on the photoshop ;)

Have a good one guy!

Thank you


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