It's suppose to be Fun!

Shooting client feel different with shoot model!

Always fun with non experience model or client because things are a bit unknown and awkward but there is a fun awkward though.

A lot of time we just go with the flow I mean make her laugh as I always did with almost every of my session including model, but sometime I shoot model I feel more tent because when we both experience then there is not much to laugh about all we need is a perfect artwork.

For the clients what we want is only beautiful photos and especially she must look beautiful and that's it!

Smile is important for client session though, if's you only shoot model have you ever see the model smile? Nope!

Why? because the advertising or media we have seen model on state catwalk have no smile because they want to sell the clothes not the model then..... right? now we'v got it!

Here is different, we don't sale any clothes but our main subject is a model!

have a good one guy!


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