Imaging of Vintage time..?

I have organized photo session by arranged model discuss theme with my client time and appointment including props etc..

I picked up the models in Bangkok to Pranburi Prachuap Khiri Khan for client project, the theme was a kind of vintage two sister living together

Inside photos I post processing into yellow to make it more vintage feeling a bit, So we have long script with 2 days shoot

It was a bit stress by we really need to get things exactly what we expected for

We shoot in the house , on the beach and even at the music state a friend of our client ( client was a photographer who wanted me to arrange the models themes and props for there project)

The thing is when come to an art we need to feel more relax and about having fun like a kid, kid are full of imagination confident try play and take all the active without any worry that's why kid's world was always wonderful then us.

We have the model wear similar outfits pretend like they were twin or sister and actually I tried my best to look for similar body and look and I have got this two, not exactly but our project went well.

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Thank you and have a good one


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