How to Straps your Models ;)

I have shot Luara with Red Straps tougher with Ket and tomorrow blog will show some of couple sexy shots also

tonight I will talk about how to straps your models for your photo sessions! ;)

for this session I shot in the studio with two lights Godox 300 and 400

Use my Nikon Z7 24-70 mm. F4 Lens

the brightness you see with to turn on the light more bright than normal at 8/100 backdrop is white color and have the model stay a bit future from the background.

The straps are look like not easy to wear but it is not difficult once you wear the body then just put on the legs extra in different ways you like though.

Red and black is the symbolic of sexy and mysterious, Ket wear black color one for this session.

the poses are not difficult either as long as you have the models feel more relax and comfortable inside the straps and also feel sexy in her own skin.

I also have normal lifestyle daily outfit that wear with to create some unique style.

I hope you like this session here the link of the straps you can get for your photo sessions or for your girls :)

YSAF Straps for Women links:


Black color:

Red color:



Black color:

Red color:


Black color:

Red color:

Camera I use with this session:

Nikon Z7 FX-Format Mirrorless Digital Camera with 24-70mm Lens, Starter Bundle with FTZ Mount Adapter, 64GB XQD Card, Bag, Filter Kit

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