How To Become Boudoir Model, and Earn Money ?

This blog of course not for a photographer ;)

Most of the time we think, being a model you need to have enough height slim beautiful and sexy looking

It's actually true 60% Why?

  1. You always can improve your looking face hair style body weight to become beautiful and sexy by take care of yourself

2. Confident is important, to stand in front of camera and photographer ( that's like stranger) you need a lot of practice to become confident but as more practice and experience as more as you will become a good model

3, Know Curves and angles how to pose, by look up and learn from internet how professional pose and try to do on the mirror check what it suit you in any poses and know your curves and angle from head to toes

4. Know about photography a bit when the photographer will shoot, when should get ready and when to pose or open eyes at the shutter time

5. Know lighting, where should turn your face where is the light what will be good for photographer, can imaging how the photos might be

6. Be brave and be creative to give the idea for photographer too incase ifs they run out of idea and try something different you and photographer might never done before

7. Be on time or even before time and keep the word as professional with any appoint or sessions

8. Ask photographer ahead what they want you to prepare and bring more better than less into the session

If's you can do all this then you can make money being Boudoir model for living for sure!

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