Fashion week in Paris?

Shooting black skin tone color with natural light on cloudy day what I realized was the setup to not get too dark on subject or either burnt out the background.

Without any artificial light support to balance model and the background then what to do is you need to think ahead of post processing how to?...

In this case I was thinking of I am going to balance or fit background later I was shooting under and my behind camera results was a little dark but the background just about right and nothing burnt out so I still have all details of it and I will bright up model later on PP.

The trees color on autumn time in Paris (cloudy day) was dark green without any editing on color much, amazing was green color are just like that.

flowers fall on the floor give very romantic feeling of the dark skin girl who wants to become the model by that time and she was actually has some experience and her own real passion have made her did very good job with my session, I believe by now she become famous one in Paris.

On the hidden links was all women dresses that model can use for photo shoot and real life elegant occasion also.

I hope you guys like this session set.

Have a good one


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