Eroticism is a natural energy

Eroticism is a natural energy we all share together. It is a powerful energy that can be used for positive healing and enjoyment, to celebrate life together. Historically, our natural eroticism has been confused with something dark and has been pushed down so we have become afraid and ashamed. My belief, my truth, is that eroticism lives deep within our body and soul, in a spiritual sense, is an expression of Divine love; a gift to be handled with humility and grace. I see myself as a kind of priestess, a woman who forms a bridge between the ordinary human world and with the power and beauty of eroticism. I intend these images to be playful and light, but filled with an erotic energy that restores dignity and empowerment to real women so she can feel confident in sharing the healing and enjoyment of the sensual life with the man she loves.

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