Easy Boudoir Pose for indoor shoot

Easy Boudoir pose for indoor shoot

Another easy pose for Boudoir client was like have her sitting next to window light in the afternoon with white see thru curtain as softbox to fill the strong light but will bring enough to shine inside the room and on the model to keep the layers in the image. I love this kind of pose too that have to model face away but only see her eyes look to you like mystery feel in a very sexy way. The way she sit a sexy outfit and poses are very important to effect how we like to image should be.

One more was have her sit on the chair face to the side next to the window of course we need the light shine from the window in some image we even can have the reflection on the floor as well if's we have this kind of floor

She was sitting comfortably on that chair but her body shape need to be curves and angles to create the best way of body.

Being a Boudoir Photographer just like an Art director, how you want it? What you like it? where you like it? and when you like it?

Canon 5D MarkIII 24-70mm F2.8 : F5.6 ISO400 Shutter speed 50