Bring Out The Best Of Her!

Experience or non experience model is not really that important as long as a photographer see what best in her

In this session Lina was just arrived to Thailand for the first time and first day but she came for my session right away

so I know the model must be tired and she absolutely was.

We'v never meet before of course only chat through facebook a few words that we are going to shoot and she will come over for the session

The first I saw her I can feel how tired from travel long trip she was, I make a cup of coffee for her we were talking a bit to make she feel comfortable with me and ask what she like, what is in her mind of the session and ask her to show me her outfits and have some laugh together with my stupid joke a bit.

I asked how much experience she has, No she haven't done any yet but in general when a girl said she never done it before it's mean she have done a bit sometime but just not serious with it.

So it will be my mission to bring out the best of her and she actually very beautiful young and look at her eyes! amazing!

I use her eyes to lead in any shots in this session I shot with the natural window light you can see its very soft mode and smooth on her skin

I tries to give her the ideas of poses and turn on the music to build up emotions also

After 10 minutes we have more fun and I gave her a few different location around apartment and I will show you more in the future blog.

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