Boudoir Room

Boudoir nowadays not only changing room but including bathroom living room or even outdoor somehow by chance...?

This session I use model Fern ( love her eyes) when she was confident teenager but not anymore now, the last session I shot her in Bangkok she become very conservative shy girl.;)

We all change time to time, we change our goals set change lifestyle what we like in the old day into something different and that is a human fact!

I shot her with Sony A7 III 22-70mm. use one LED light, you can see some strong shadow like the below shot because of that conner a bit dark spot so on the face a bit burnt but normally I did a lot of photoshop and clean out and adjusted all models body into something they dreams of, but now I don't feel like that way anymore as I mentioned some blog before I love see natural beauty from the model and I can see what I can improve the set up in the future shoot also, so I agreed with professional world class photographer some of them not even use photoshop, finish on camera with the best perfect shots.

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