Boudoir Photography and Lingeries Idea

Red lingeries color is one of the best for sexy theme of Boudoir

First thing when my client ask my advice what lingeries she should bring for the session I will always suggest White Black and Red, this three color is the most popular color of sexy theme for Boudoir specially red as we know

When a girl having a dress with a man she's like of course she gonna wear red!

In this session I shot in white room with red lingeries color that model wear to have contrast pop up of the subject ( model)

I use my Nikon Z7 24-70mm. F4 lens with flash light Godox AD300pro:

Godox SK400II: to light up the room and the model to have soft and fresh for the young model

You can see the pose is very simple but it's still feel very sexy from the red lingeries

Portrait photographer planner paper back:

Portrait photographer planner hard cover:

Here is live stream of the shoot on that day on my youtube channel

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