Boudoir is a Beauty

This session was in studio set up and the studio was not much space, so let's talk about what to do if's you don't have big space for the shoot and can't have the model step away from the backdrop to get blur background.

In this case for me I already know what I am going to do with my post processing or editing to turn the background not much disturb or see too many details on it.

Of course beautiful model in front of anything will attract our eyes but to make everything quality and perfect we need to think in any details in our images.

I give more attention on one light in the front to and give it narrow to shine direct on the model and avoid the background.

Of course when the model get too close to backdrop the shadow is impossible to us to avoid, I just keep it like that no problem.

My post processing will delete all the spots on the backdrop or anything that can distract and bring it more down or under or drop the color and then use brush to light the model up to separate from the background complete.

I hope you like this session

have a good one