Boudoir couple girls sexy shoot workshop

I created a few couple girls Boudoir Photography workshop sessions to have fun shooting share experience technic and friendship with models and photographer friends was my main.

The set up was bunny theme that I arranged with two models Preaw & Mali shot in the hotel room with nice style of color and details decorated, I normally prepare the props and sometime outfits if's model don't have what I want for the theme and the place also I have search and choose the one that match with my theme idea as well.

My photographer friends and I was shooting together exchanging the ideas what they want also which I like to open for everyone to get something different from my perspective and its always great that everyone get engaged.

After a few shots I also arrange some nude or erotic in between but of course in a classy poses to respect the models and they need to feel comfortable and confident during my sessions that important!

I use Canon 5DMarkIII 24-70F2.8 set up on F5.6 shutter speed 50/100 ISO 600 with one LED light and window light from the room.