Beauty Of Asian Women

In my opinion, female empowerment is both internal and external.

Internal female power is a mindset. We can feel beautiful, but cultivate a sweet and gracious manners that shows respect, love, and care, but at the same time, be strong and supportive for her man or partner and provide good, intelligent counsel to back up what they need and not be afraid to voice her views when she sees something is wrong or misplaced.

Female nature is stronger than a man because she knows what it is like to go through pregnancy and give birth. She is more in tune with emotional and practical needs of her family and can support her husband to lead the family into good future without being too obvious. Her wisdom is reserved for behind closed doors; she does not need to make an external show of her power.

Men in society need to appear outwardly strong, tough, and clever, ready and able to fight for his family but gentle enough to understand how women play an important role by supporting his feeling life and maintaining peace and order within the household.

Asian Women have there natural beauty inside out also including they have been raising up by Asian culture that strict into how women should be like, well behave, respectful, warm and care for other, together with outside looking tiny body beautiful yellow tan skin tone, beautiful smile shine healthy black hair, good cooking take good care of house and also good in bed ( i heard from most of my friends from other countries said about Asian women especially Thai ;) in this way).

I am so proud being Asian women and born here in Thailand and my home town Chiang Mai, this have made me see the contrast of conservative believe and at the same time we also accept open to out world to feel confident in our own way.

All photos from this blog I have collect from different session Asia Exotic Photography Workshops, they have been shown on a few exhibition already in Chiang Mai different places and Bangkok also some countries that just order direct from me to show also inside there property which I am so proud being a part of Asian.

I hope you guys like them and have a good one


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