Asia Erotic Exotic (for all of Ya's Family)

I would like to show some shots of this session to our family which is not membership to see how beautiful of the shots models and setups ( membership will have also beautiful erotic videos in blogs nude and erotic couple shots, so that's why everyone need to become membership I guess ;) hahaha.....

Asia Exotic Photography group shoot will organize by Ya ( me) in Chiang Mai Thailand and sometime in Bangkok and other like Phuket depends on the clients really but most of the time I have 100% confident to do in my hometown Chiang Mai because I have wooden local house rice field farm with different models that depends on me and you too and the models sometime.

I will organize the best session for you anytime when you come to Chiang Mai Thailand and want to shoot with me or want me to organize any special session either group for fun or one on one more attention to get what you exactly want for your portfolio or just for keep as your experience.

My book Eroticism Of Asian I was talking about Thai women in traditional sensuality high and low eroticism in there own way there are Ebook, Paperback and Hard cover in the link here:

I will also working on my new volume II of Eroticism Of Asian that coming soon also with new collection of what I have shots included previous session with Prai and this session also some of the shots will never show anywhere yet so there will show inside my new book too.

This session I use camera Nikon Z7 24-70mm. set up at F5.6-8 Speed 50-125 ISO 100-400 with window light only.

Models are working very good job with inner mindset and passion and they both understand what I want and explained them before the session start that I wanted them to be a couple and I want erotic couple poses.

I hope you guys love it and have a good one.

Love you all.


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