5 Creative poses for Studio Shoot

5 Creative fun poses for studio photo shoot?

In this case I am going to talk about fun and joyful poses only in this session and I know every sessions are so different which will be in next blog posts coming....

We are all kids no matter what age we are now right? :)

Photography either your business or hobby there always need to feel joyful and fun even in Boudoir or sexy style

Ways of having fun with the models and participants who join my photo shoot sessions and to not make things too serious

as more as the models relax feel fun working then everything will be great with our shots!

Here fun poses for this bunny session with Ket and Fern together, I asked them for sexy pose then some path also switch with funny poses and show them now they look to have there laugh and enjoy working and of course they love it!

  1. Pose like a best friends

2. Pose secretively

3. Pose with naughty fun

4. Pose like no idea how to pose

5. Behave like a little kids!

This session was perfectly enjoyable for me and we all laughing a lot.... that's mean successful!

My gears: Sony Aiii 28-70mm. F4 Set at 40-125/1 from still to jumping for speed shutter | F5.6 | ISO 125 with 2 flash lights godox 300, 400 put on left and right front 45 degree.

Edited with MacBook Pro

Nik Collection software

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