300 Family Member Today!

I so happy and appreciate that our family today reach to 300 members!

not only paid membership of course ;) I mean all membership paid and not paid (paid mean can access to exclusive blog and nude page which is not paid cannot but still can enjoy other pages and normal blog posts)

Everyone are important to me and meant a lot to my works here,

I know my english is not perfect every time I write my blogs but what should I do? either my Thai also crap hahaha.. ^-^

Basically 98% here are from other countries anyway so cannot speak Thai, but I think you guys probably understand what I mean or if's not, the main things here are all about photography!

A good image speak louder

I try to post a good images I have shots with models from everywhere I have been visiting but most of the models are from Thailand and Asia.

I will continue work ( shooting) with good models and new models I have never been shoot them before as well as a plans.

as every time I also live stream on my youtube channel I think all of you know https://www.youtube.com/c/BoudoirbyYA

Soon I will also have private session videos post for paid membership to give and share my private work with you as my close family and best supporters

and for normal member ( not paid still can be able to access normal blogs and all pages that I will keep update too.

Let's celebrate special 300 family here! ( this made me think of the movie 300 big guys on viking wars hahaha....here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ba2ZinGLl4 One of my favorite movie! and I watch over a few times ;)

Thank you gift for our celebrate 300 warrior today are here:

Gift for Exclusive membership (paid):

  1. Choose one lingerie set or Harness Straps for free from my lingerie page here: https://www.boudoirbyya.com/lingeries https://www.boudoirbyya.com/ysaf this not include shipping to any country you live in but you get one item for free! (you pay for you own shipping) hahahaha... I understand most of you are guys but this mean this gift for your girl! or whoever you want ;)

  2. Get free organize photo shoot by me one model Boudoir 1 hours session in studio set up lighting for free in Chiang Mai Thailand or if's you want to get your own photo instead of the model is acceptable too

  3. I buy you a coffee when you come visit Chiang Mai :)

  4. One day trip to Chiangdoa / Maerim/ around town and do street shoot or nature shoot together choose only one!

  5. You will always get access exclusive special erotic nude fineArt and more on exclusive blog posts

  6. Nude page always will update new photos and models time to time to share with you

  7. Get 50% off from my group organize shoot if's you come for join the event in Chiang mai or in Thailand

Gift for Membership ( not paid):

  1. 50% of all lingerie and straps (shipping is on you) https://www.boudoirbyya.com/lingeries https://www.boudoirbyya.com/ysaf

  2. 30% off of all group shoot that I organize either in Chiang Mai or in Thailand

  3. 30% off for your own photo session incase you are not photographer or you want to get your own photograph https://www.boudoirbyya.com/book-online in any session choose one only!

  4. You will always get any events new letter from us to let you know the next special coming

  5. If's you sigh up for exclusive membership today you will also get one lingerie or Harness straps for free as well ( shipping is on you) exclusive membership is only $7.5

Let me ask one thing and only! Please share www.BoudoirByYa.com on your social media and all the gift are on promising,

Thank you so much for your all supports and I love you all.


hahahaha......... long time ago so no shame here... and now I am an old woman! Have a good day.

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