What would be the perfect shot?

What would be the perfect shot?

When you see images in an art or photo exhibition in an art museum, to understand or appreciate a piece of art, you need to stand there looking at it for a few minutes or you have to return after a while to get another view.

What does is it really mean?

For me, I am always thinking, “WTF is that?” What idea is the artist trying to communicate? It doesn’t make any sense to me and I have no idea what it means until I read the description.

Aside from its meaning, art should be attractive and pleasing enough to cause you to become interested and curious enough to spend time wondering about its deeper meaning, right?

This is true for Nude photography, too.

The obvious perspective is that nude photos have nothing special to say except it makes you think about sexuality.

But good nude photography actually turns down the sexuality and replaces something else. But how? Why? Who? I feel that the real quality of Nude photography is that you can look at the picture forever without feeling embarrassed or overtaken by sexuality. The picture allows the figures to speak something else about ourselves that’s more intimate and revealing than how we normally are in the world.

A picture tells a story, so what kind of story can be told through nude art? ....................

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Author: Jantira Namwong

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