I put all in to get the best out of it!

Actually outdoor photo shoot in a sexy theme was not for everyone.....

I was in Phuket with Panussuda for this session on the rock and beach, when I said outdoor photo shoot is not for everyone means the model's confident is number 1

Will she be able to not give a shit with people around that look to them but focus and concentrate on the work, and do her best to get a good shot!

Timing and light including outfit and props and most important is a photographer! we need to make strong decision how we gonna shoot what theme outfits and what exactly time all these photographer must have, let say to become short time narcissistic and let manipulate to get the best out of it;)

I Love to be in control once come to photo shoot because I want to get the best I want, after the session done I can knee down to my model whatever she's want because of no more energy left!

So, what about you?

by the way my Boudoir& Nude book is coming soon on Amazon I think lately will be early next week.

Have a good one to you


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