Who I am?

I'm a female photographer from Thailand, I create an artistic memorable shots for woman and man to have there own photos print on there own living room wall.

With more than 16 experience in photography I also shoot for products fashion architectural and hospitality business

I organized my own photography workshops in Thailand for several years to teaching new photographer to understand the light and how to connect with the models during the sessions including post processing in lightroom and photoshop.

I called my name Boudoir by Ya because it is what I specialized on is Boudoir and Nude Art for private sessions and art exhibition, most of my boudoir clients are business woman who want to have her own sexy photos to surprise there husband and memorable, Life is about fun isn't it? ^^

My life is alway moving all over the place, Let say I can travel for my clients or any photography business if it's need,

Well, I will looking forward to work with you.

Thank you

Boudoir by Ya xxx